SNDMECA IndustrieOur values

Our highly qualified teams are the source of our strengths.
We are a trusted partner capable of guaranteeing technical support and offering optimal solutions in real time to meet the most demanding specifications’ challenges.

Our actions locate customer at the center of our concerns for receiving his complete satisfaction and trust.
Our own company culture and support by the industrial customers’ community are the main feedback by which we are rated.
We respect our customers' need for privacy.
Our group is recognized by its customers for respecting its commitments: quality, responsiveness, punctuality and competitiveness.

Ethics, quality and safety are the three bases on which the group was built.
Quality of our manufacturing is the prerequisite, employees’ safety a key element from which no one derogates.
We pay a particular attention to societal and environmental concerns, to commercial activities and their relations with their stakeholders and to environmental issues.

We are constantly striving to improve ourselves on all levels: industrialization, manufacturing methods, working methods, aimed’ efficiency are common objectives’ achieving. Our group attaches an absolute priority to excellence at every level in the company.
The quality of our relationships with our customers, our suppliers and especially internally, is based on honesty and mutual respect. Everyone brings their expertise in their area of expertise, from assistance in drawing designing in the upstream phase with the design offices or controlling parts in their final or assembled status.
We ensure maintenance and transmission of knowledge to young people who are starting their professional lives by offering them a long-term project.