SNDMECA IndustrieInnovation in everyday life

Innovation for the whole group is a major strategic axis to maintain our competitiveness.
Our group launched the Cap-e12 project in 2021, demonstrating our desire to optimize our production processes and organization by using the resources offered by the "factory of the future 4.0"..

  • Industrial organization of the group in 5 centers of industrial excellence
  • Industry of the future - digital transformation Industry 4.0 with the implementation of an EDM (Electronic Document Management) and an MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Modernization of the means of production and control
  • Strengthening our production capacity (large series)
  • Diversification into new business sectors and segments
2 million euros of investment (over 2 years) will allow us to improve our competitiveness and to look to the future.