SNDMECA IndustrieA word from the President

" About twenty years ago, I took over the management of SND, which has now positioned itself in buoyant markets and become a key player for our clients.

The takeover of MECA DISTRIBUTION has enabled the group to reduce its dependence on the aeronautical market and extend our offer to manufacture unitary parts.

In our business, we depend on the price of raw materials, which represent a significant part of our production. In this situation, we had to improve our productivity and profitability to maintain our investments at a high level.

We invest in people, increasingly efficient machines, and the innovations offered by the digital age.

We are now putting forward the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) project to excel in our field of manufacturing complex parts while remaining competitive.

This clear vision of the future should enable us to reach €15M by 2025. "

Mr José Lebreton