SNDMECA IndustrieOur production facilities

Our production assets are design according type of parts to be machined and material grades

Most of our CN machines are duplicated (minimum) for :

  • To prevent out of production (in case of machine failure)
  • More productivity

Both production plants have more than forty CNC machines (milling and turning) 7 EDM machines (wire and sinking).
Machines are frequently renewed for best production rate and are using the leading-edge technologies.
Our organization is fully integrated for production, controls and assembly sequences.
By the end of 2022, all production and control assets will be fully integrated to a MES (Manufacturing Engineering System). Each production technician will have a connected tablet with access to working sequences, video tutorials with self-check dimensional control records able to guaranty production management

Nos moyens de productions

A systematic approach is performed to assign the most suitable machine according to the part design. As a result, we are able to offer the best cost to be competitive.

By continuous investments, we maintain the best quality of the manufactured products and productivity rate.